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Struggling with Tax Problems?
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Business Tax Help & Consulting for Jacksonville Business Owners

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We offer professional tax resolution and management strategies for Jacksonville and Duval County business owners facing business tax problems of any kind

If you are a business owner in and around Jacksonville, the first thing on your mind is sustaining and growing your business.  With all the priorities and responsibilities required to run a business, it's easy for a few simple oversights on your payroll or taxes to occur.  Unfortunately, these mistakes can spell doom for a business.  We take pride in working with local business owners to rectify any existing business tax problems, and offer all-inclusive tax, accounting, and consulting solutions designed to increase profitability and reduce tax liability. Our team of expert CPAs and Tax Attorneys have helped hundreds of Florida businesses address and prevent payroll tax problems, filing issues, plus any other business-related IRS problem.


Solutions for Business Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll tax deliquency is quite common, and alot of times it stems from profits being tight and a business owner unable to satisfy payroll taxes. Whether your payroll tax debt is due to lack of funds, failure to file, or from a few miscalculations in your payroll, we can assure you the IRS will take notice and penalize you for it.  We have a dedicated team of business CPAs and tax attorneys that work with Jacksonville area business owners to settle payroll tax problems and build a sustainable plan to keep your payroll obligations in line.

Worker Classification Errors

Your workers are either W-2 employees, or independent contractors.  Simple, right?  Unfortunately there are a variety of grey areas involved with properly classifying your workers.  Mis-classifying your workers, whether intentional or not, is perceived by the IRS as cheating out on your business tax obligations.  We'd like to work with you to bring clarity to your worker classification needs and resolve any worker classification errors, as they can turn into a hazardous problem for your business.

Overstated Deductions

As a business owner, you are looking to find every possible way to write off business expenses. Sometimes, you may fly too close to the sun and get caught trying to deduct expenses that the IRS will not accept as deductions.  Whether purposeful or not, if the IRS identifies overstated deductions on your tax return, you and your business will be subject to audits and crippling penaltiesWe have extensive experience working with Jacksonville-area business owners to mitigate overstated deductions and offer sound consulting to prevent issues moving forward.

Tax Management & Bookkeeping

Many business owners in and around Jacksonville struggle with devoting enough time to proper tax and accounting management.  Pure Tax Resolution is the first tax resolution firm to offer a unique tax planning & consulting solution for local business owners.  Our all-inclusive tax solutions provide year-round accounting, bookkeeping, tax filing, resolution, and business planning for a flat-rate, affordable fee. We offer these services exclusively to show local business owners how proper tax and cash flow management can help their business grow and thrive for years to come.


Professional, Reliable Tax Resolution & Management for your Business

Jacksonville Pure Tax has helped hundreds of businesses rid themselves from the burdens of business tax debt.  We provide solutions to your business tax problems, and would like to help your business thrive through innovative and affordable business tax management and accounting solutions. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free consultation.

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