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Struggling with Tax Problems?
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Tax Resolution for Jacksonville, FL Taxpayers

We work with Jacksonville & Duval County individuals to properly settle IRS tax problems with a variety of personalized tax resolution methods

If you are an individual within Jacksonville or any surrounding community of Duval County and are experiencing IRS tax debt or tax filing issues, we'd like to help you better understand your situation, and the variety of tax resolution methods available to you.  With the attention of our licensed IRS Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPAs, we can construct a personalized tax settlement plan to reduce, and settle your tax debt problems for good.


What's Your Tax Problem?

IRS Back Taxes

So you have tax debt, welcome to the club!  It may be natural to feel panicked when first getting a tax bill from the IRS, as many individuals do not see it coming. The fact is, IRS back taxes can arise from a few simple oversights on your tax returns, while some individuals may lack the proper tax knowledge and haven't filed at all.  Regardless of the origin, the IRS takes back taxes very seriously, and will exercise intrusive collections against you if you don't take action to address them.  Our dedicated tax attorneys and enrolled agents have worked with hundreds of local taxpayers to listen to their unique situations, and we can help you qualify for a convenient IRS back tax forgiveness strategy that best suits your situation:

  • Installment Agreements
  • Offer In Compromise (OIC)
  • Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

Tax Penalties & Interest

The IRS will continue to accrue tax penalties against you as long as your tax debt remains outstanding.  The IRS enforces penalties and interest as a way to encourage individuals to pay their taxes on time (how kind of them).  There are more than 140 distinct IRS tax penalties in the federal tax code that can be enforced against Jacksonville-area individuals, in which one of the harshest is failing to file a tax return.  Just like any other tax delinquency, outstanding tax penalties and interest will become more detrimental as time goes on, and the IRS will eventually exercise drastic collection actions against you.  We offer a viable solution to tax penalties through IRS penalty abatement, in which we evaluate your tax returns and tax filing status to either reduce, or eliminate the penalties you have as a result of back taxes or tax filing delinquency.

IRS Audits

The IRS spends an exorbitant amount of time and money evaluating tax returns to identify errors and issue audits against those with mistakes on their returns.  If you are a Jacksonville taxpayer and have recently been targeted for an IRS audit, we have a team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents that can provide expert IRS audit representation to negotiate with the IRS and successfully mitigate your audit.

Wage Garnishments & Levies

And now we have the boiling point of all your tax problems.  Once your tax deliquency goes on for too long, the IRS will exercise their expansive power against you through a wage garnishment or bank levy.  The IRS will send you warnings via the mail, and if you do not act in time, your hard-earned wages and bank account(s) will be apprehended by the IRS in order to satisfy what is owed to them.  You can stop wage garnishment and bank levies, but you must act immediately. We can provide you with wage garnishment and bank levy relief, usually within 24 hours.

Tax Filing & Preparation

We are not only in business to resolve your existing tax problems, we want to see you maintain healthy tax status moving forward. Our expert CPAs work with local taxpayers to evaluate their past tax filing and construct a viable accounting and tax preparation plan to prevent tax problems moving forward.

International Tax Problems

Many Duval County residents own foreign assets or are involved in international employment/business operations.  The IRS has recently mandated strict regulations that require foreign asset owners or individuals involved with international employment to properly report their taxes and asset values.  If not done properly, strict penalties and even criminal prosecution can be enforced by the IRS.  Your international tax problems can be resolved, and our team of international tax experts can resolve your tax problems and protect your foreign investments.


Professional Tax Resolution for Individuals of Jacksonville, FL

We are an experienced and proven resource for Jacksonville individuals in need of professional tax resolution.  If you are ready to take back your financial freedom, contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation.

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