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Struggling with Tax Problems?
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Pure Tax Resolution - Serving Atlantic Beach, FL

Providing comprehensive tax resolution and consulting services for Atlantic Beach and Duval County individuals and businesses

If you are an individual or business owner within Atlantic Beach, FL struggling with IRS tax problems of any kind, we'd like to speak with you today to help you better understand your tax problem, and construct a personalized tax resolution strategy designed to settle your tax problems for goodWe have a dedicated team of IRS tax attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents that work directly with Atlantic Beach taxpayers from start to finish to properly settle all IRS tax debt and collection issues.

The President of Pure Tax Resolution, Tim Halcomb, found Pure Tax Resolution to protect local taxpayers from the IRS, and the shady "1-800" tax gimmicks that stalk the radio, TV, and internet on a daily basis.  We offer free consultations, up-front pricing, and personalized customer service. So what is your IRS tax problem?  We are prepared to provide you the relief you need!

Solutions for your Tax Problems

IRS Back Tax Resolution

The most common tax problem that plagues local taxpayers are IRS back taxes (delinquent taxes).  Whether you misfiled or failed to file your tax returns, or just simply didn't have the funds to pay your taxes, IRS back taxes will grow into a very ugly problem if not addressed on time, and properly.  The IRS back tax resolution professionals at Pure Tax Resolution are experts at qualifying local taxpayers for a number of convenient back tax resolution plans, including Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise, and Currently Not Collectible programs.  We can get the IRS off your back, and properly settle your tax debt for good.

IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

Considered the "insult" to the "injury" of tax debt, the IRS accrues tax penalties and interest against delinquent taxpayers as long as their back taxes go unpaid.  The moral of the story for resolving tax penalties comes down to time.  The sooner you take action to resolve your delinquent taxes and penalties, the less detrimental they will become.  If you are an individual or business owner in the Atlantic Beach-area looking to mitigate or even erase your tax penalties as a result of IRS back taxes, our professional tax penalty abatement services are available for you.  Our tax resolution professionals will evaluate your tax delinquency and current financial status and negotiate a tax penalty settlement strategy with the IRS that suits your needs.

IRS Audit Representation & Defense

The IRS issues audits on a daily basis against individuals and businesses across the country. Some are warranted, some aren't.  Some are very serious, some are minor.  Most can be prevented with the proper tax filing and resolution consulting.  If you are an individual or business owner of Atlantic Beach or any surrounding community facing an IRS audit, our professional IRS audit representation services are available for you.  We can help you navigate and settle an existing audit, and offer you the proper consulting and tax management services to avoid future IRS audits.

Stop Wage Garnishments & Levies

Once your delinquent back taxes and penalties go unsettled for too long, you will be targeted by the IRS for wage garnishments and bank levies.  The IRS will overstep any and all boundaries to seize a portion of your paycheck or liquid assets to satisfy what is owed to them.  Could you afford to live like that?  If you are an Atlantic Beach-area individual or business owner getting collection notices from the IRS or are currently being victimized by collections, it's absolutely crucial you act immediately to stop wage garnishment or levies.  Our team or tax resolution professionals can contact the IRS on your behalf immediately to stop collections, and pursue a tax debt resolution program to settle your outstanding tax debt.

Business Tax Resolution & Consulting

Local business owners already have enough on their plate to worry about IRS debt or seizures.  Many local business owners are struggling with payroll tax debt, overstated deductions, worker mis-classification, and many other crippling business tax problems.  Pure Tax Resolution specializes in working with local business owners to address and settle business tax problems.  We are also a full-service tax management and accounting firm that offers year-round bookkeeping, cash-flow management, payroll management, and tax filing for local business owners.  Our business solutions are designed to rectify any existing problems, and keep your business healthy and profitable for years to come!

International Tax Resolution

With a recent increase in Florida residents owning offshore assets or being employed on foreign soil, there has also been a spike in international tax problems.  Many local residents own offshore assets, where they are now subject to strict FBAR and FATCA regulations.  Some residents have worked on foreign soil or own foreign business entities, where these matters come with complicated IRS regulations.  Pure Tax Resolution has a team of international tax experts including tax attorneys and CPAs that work with local taxpayers with international tax problems to resolve issues, and provide sound consulting to avoid IRS problems and keep their foreign assets safe and secure.


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We are an experienced & professional tax resolution firm that puts our clients first.  If you are a taxpayer of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, or any local community struggling with tax problems or need sound tax consulting for your business, contact us today for a free consultation with our President, Tim Halcomb.

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