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Struggling with Tax Problems?
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Pure Tax Resolution - Serving Orange Park, FL

Our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents work with Orange Park, FL individuals and businesses to settle, and prevent IRS tax problems

At Pure Tax Resolution, we put our tax resolution services to work to help Orange Park, FL individuals and businesses rid themselves of IRS back taxes, tax penalties, IRS audits, wage garnishments, business tax problems, and offer sound consulting to prevent IRS problems.  Our in-house team of licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents work with Orange Park taxpayers to construct an effective and proven tax resolution plan to eliminate IRS problems for good.

The President of Pure Tax Resolution, Tim Halcomb, found Pure Tax Resolution to protect Orange Park residents from IRS collections and the faceless "1-800" tax gimmicks that pollute the radio, TV, and internet on a daily basis.  Pure Tax Resolution offers free consultations, up-front pricing, and personalized customer service from start to finish, and there is no need to worry about who is handling your tax case. So what is your IRS tax problem?  We are prepared to provide you the relief you need!

Solutions for your Tax Problems

IRS Back Tax Resolution

The most common tax problem, IRS back taxes are a very familiar foe to many Orange Park area taxpayers.  There could be a variety of reasons you have back taxes, but regardless of the origin, letting your IRS back taxes go unsettled for too long will lead down an ugly road of IRS collections and seizures.  The tax attorneys and enrolled agents at Pure Tax Resolution are experts at listening to our client's needs and pursuing a variety of convenient and proven back tax resolution plans, including Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise, and Currently Not Collectible programs.  We are ready to address your IRS back taxes today.

IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

Considered the "insult" to the "injury" of tax debt, tax penalties and interest come hand-in-hand with any kind of tax debt.  Minimizing or even eliminating tax penalties boils down to how soon you take action.  The sooner you take action to resolve your delinquent taxes and penalties, the easier it will be to mitigate the penalties and avoid the risk of IRS collections.  If you are an individual or business owner or Orange Park or any other Duval County community struggling with accruing tax penalties, our team of IRS penalty abatement specialists are ready to assist you today.

IRS Audit Representation & Defense

IRS audits are a very effective tool for the IRS to regulate tax returns, and they are issued by the thousands on a daily basis.  While many are considered harmless, some can be very severe and intrusive.  Regardless of the severity of your IRS audit, having the proper consulting and representation can make or break your audit.  With the professional representation of our tax attorneys and enrolled agents, we have provided IRS audit representation for a number of Florida individuals and business owners in need of proper representation to successfully settle an IRS audit.

Stop Wage Garnishments & Levies

Once your delinquent back taxes and penalties remain unpaid for an extended period of time, the IRS will be forced to target you for wage garnishment and bank levies.  The IRS will exercise their expansive power to seize a portion of your paycheck or liquid assets to satisfy your unpaid taxes owed to them.  Could you afford to live like that? Most can not. If you are an Orange Park individual or business owner getting collection notices from the IRS or are currently being garnished or levied, it's absolutely crucial you act immediately to stop wage garnishment or levies.  Our team or tax resolution professionals can contact the IRS on your behalf immediately to stop collections, and pursue a tax debt resolution program to protect your assets and wages.

Business Tax Resolution & Consulting

Many local, hard-working business owners in Duval County experience business tax problems at some point in time.  Some of the most common business tax problems that plague local businesses are payroll tax debt, overstated deductions, worker mis-classification, and more.  Pure Tax Resolution specializes in working with local business owners to properly address and settle business tax problems.  We are also a full-service tax management and accounting firm that provides year-round bookkeeping, cash-flow management, payroll management, and tax filing for local business owners.  Our business tax solutions are designed to rectify any existing problems, and keep your business healthy and profitable for years to come.

International Tax Resolution

Many Duval County citizens own foreign assets, or have worked on foreign soil.  These unique international matters come with their own unique tax obligations and complications.  If you are a local taxpayer that owns international assets, or involved international employment or business operations, the IRS and U.S. Government will penalize you for not properly reporting your assets and filing your taxes.  With the ever-changing international tax regulations, it makes it harder and harder for taxpayers with international employment or investments to avoid tax problems.  If you are involved with any international employment or investing, we'd like to speak with you today to help you better understand your situation, resolve any existing problems, and help you to maintain a healthy international tax status.


We Are Available For All Your Tax Resolution Needs

We pride ourselves in being a professional, all-inclusive tax resolution resource for Orange Park and Duval County individuals and businesses.  We'd like to resolve your tax problems, and help you maintain a healthy tax status moving forward. Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free personal consultation.

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