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International Tax Consulting & Resolution - Jacksonville, FL

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Our team of international tax attorneys work with Duval County residents to protect their foreign assets and manage international employment matters

Domestic tax problems aren't the only tax-related issue that affects local taxpayers of Jacksonville and Duval County. Many residents either own international investments, or have worked on foreign soil or are involved in foreign business operations. These individuals have a very unique tax status, and with that comes the increased potential for complicated tax problems.  We consult with international investors and employees to resolve IRS and Treasury problems, and offer sound consulting to keep their international tax status in line.


Our International Tax Services

FBAR & FATCA Reporting

If you are a U.S. citizen and own foreign investments of any kind, you are subject to FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) regulations.  These regulations were recently mandated by the US Government to monitor and regulate the foreign assets that U.S. citizens own.  If you are a citizen of Duval County and own foreign bank accounts, real estate, mutual funds, life insurance, or dividend-structured investments of any kind, you must comply with these regulations or face extreme penalties enforced by the U.S. Government and IRS.  If you currently have FBAR and FATCA compliance needs, or are a local citizen looking to invest offshore in the near future, our team of international tax attorneys and CPAs can resolve/avoid international reporting issues and devise a plan to protect your international assets.

International Employment & Business Resolution

You may have a VISA worker status where you are classified as an international employee or business owner.  Just like with any domestic business operation, the IRS has strict requirements how you file and pay your international taxes.  Unfortunately, with international employment matters there is increased potential for complicated tax problems.  To avoid tax debt and IRS collections, Duval County citizens that are involved with international employment of any kind are encouraged to seek professional help to resolve tax problems, and maintain healthy international tax status.


Free Consultation for your International Tax Needs

Our international tax services cover a wide range of foreign asset and employment matters.  We look forward to protecting your foreign assets and keeping your international taxes in line.  Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation.

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