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IRS Audit Representation - Jacksonville, FL

IRS audit representation Jacksonville FL

Professional IRS audit representation and defense solutions for Duval County individuals and businesses facing an IRS audit of any kind

One of the oldest and most widespread tax regulation programs enforced by the IRS is an audit.  If the IRS identifies any discrepancies or errors on your individual or business tax returns, they will more than likely target you for an audit.  Some are simple, and some are highly intrusive. Either way, they can be very troublesome for Jacksonville individuals and businesses if not handled properly.  If you are facing an audit of any kind, we offer professional IRS audit representation strategies that will help you properly navigate your audit, and settle any problems that may arise as a result.  Our IRS audit representation strategies are backed by experienced, licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents that will handle your tax audit from start to finish.


The Nature of IRS Audits

Audits are typically issued if they find a discrepancy on your tax return where income or expenses are improperly calculated or filed. For businesses, if they identify you are mis-classifying your employees, or if your business deductions are overzealous, your business will be a target for an audit. 

In most cases, the IRS will contact you asking that you mail in certain documentation in order to conduct the audit. In more extreme cases, the IRS will conduct a "field audit" where they identify alarming errors on your returns and conduct the audit at your home or place of business.  Regardless of the nature of the audit, there are huge risks involved if the IRS identifies errors on your tax returns.  Fortunately, there is help available, as we have a team of experienced tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs that can manage and represent your best interests to successfully navigate the audit, and resolve any problems that may arise.


Get Professional IRS Audit Representation and Avoid Tax Problems

It's in your best interest to have a professional on your side to assess your tax situation and guide you through a complicated IRS audit. We offer IRS audit representation services for Jacksonville and Duval County individuals and businesses. Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation

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