Struggling with Tax Problems?
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Struggling with Tax Problems?
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Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents - serving Jacksonville, FL


Our dedicated team of licensed tax attorneys & enrolled agents offer exclusive IRS negotiation strategies for Duval County individuals & businesses

Most IRS tax problems can only be settled by a licensed tax attorney or enrolled agent that has the exclusive privileges needed to represent Duval County taxpayers and properly settle tax debt.  We are fortunate to have such a professional and skilled team of licensed tax professionals on our staff, and are proud that our tax attorneys and enrolled agents can provide the tax help that Jacksonville individuals and businesses need.  If your personal and professional well-being is at risk due to IRS tax problems, our friendly tax attorneys and enrolled agents are prepared to provide the help you need today.


The Tax Attorney & Enrolled Agent Advantages

IRS Communication Privileges

Many complicated tax problems can only be addressed and settled by pursuing certain IRS channels and officials. Only licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents possess these specific communication privileges.  Not only that, but our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents honor the attorney-client confidentiality agreement, keeping your information 100% confidential.  Our licensed tax attorneys have helped hundreds of Florida individuals and businesses put a stop to the IRS harrassments, and keep them compliant moving forward.

Expert Negotiation Skills

The art of IRS negotiation is a craft that a licensed tax attorney or enrolled agent have through years of law school and in-field experience. How your tax case is presented to the IRS from the beginning can make or break your ideal tax settlement.  Your well-being is on the line with tax debt, and making a good first impression with the IRS is vital.

Ethics & Professional Customer Service

There are a variety of tax attorney firms that practice tax law in the Jacksonville area, so we know that taxpayers in need of tax debt resolution have plenty of choices.  Through our extensive years of working in the tax resolution industry, we have evolved to offer a unique experience that many cannot offer, and that is personal, customer-friendly service All employees of Pure Tax Resolution are skilled in building relationships with our clients, maintain fluid communication, and respect their confidentiality and needs.


Professional, Trustworthy Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents serving Jacksonville and Duval County

Our Jacksonville and Duval County clients cherish the peace of mind knowing they have a dedicated tax attorney and enrolled agent team on their side to properly settle their tax problems, and be available to speak when they contact us.  Gain a customer-friendly and professional advantage to resolving your tax problems. Contact Tim Halcomb today for a free consultation.

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